Developed as a vegan alternative to the Luxury Nutroast, this is just as tasty and several of our non-vegan market customers tell us it's their favourite.


Ingredients: Onions, gluten-free breadcrumbs, carrots, hazels, cashews, brazils, cranberries, courgettes, quinoa, mushrooms,  lentils, tomato puree, peanut butter, gram flour, yeast extract, garlic, sunflower oil, rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper
350g to serve 2-3

Customer Reviews


Pam Pinkerton

What a wonderful lunch I've eaten! Purchased the above nutroast at Moseley market in Birmingham and what a treat finding you has turned out to be, thank you. The texture is superb, not too fine, but enough bite to taste all of the ingredients and so flavoursome. I just need to know where to buy them locally before you come back to the next market in October (I can't wait that long)...

Rating:  [5 of 5 Stars!]

Will you be at the Ironbridge Farmers Market on 15th December? If so, can I order 3 of the large luxury vegan and gluten free nut roasts to collect from you? They're so good I'm going to break with tradition and have one for Christmas dinner instead of making my own!


Lorraine Murray – via e-mail

and later ...

The best nut roast I have ever had - light and full of flavour.

Absolutely delicious! We had this yummy nut roast ... and it was enjoyed by everybody. The taste and texture are superb.

Kate Burrows

The best all round prepared nut roast - ever - and we have tried some really delicious ones.  Any leftover - if there is any - is delicious cold or in a sandwich. Thank goodness for Thank Goodness Ltd!

Lillian Dell

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