Thank Goodness have been producing gourmet hand-made vegetarian foods since 2003. Go to our Facebook page to see Bernadette's videos.


Why “Thank Goodness”?

Our range is now wider, but our first products were nutroasts.  The name came about because they are..

..."just like home-made without the hassle" - Natural Health magazine, April 2008

...versatile. Perfect hot or cold, or in sandwiches, or as burgers, etc., etc.

... good for your health. Nutritionally superb and containing no artificial additives.

... good for your pocket. No waste! Leftovers may be served cold - or refrozen and later reheated.

... good for the environment. Local ingredients where possible and all our packaging is easily recyclable.


... and they taste … so good!

..."A lovely wholesome flavour with a really homemade feel. 10/10" - (Sunday Express magazine, Dec 2004)

..."Truly wonderful quality product … and I am a carnivore!" - (Unsolicited testimonial from Robin Easton, online customer, January 2012)

Our prducts are now available throughout Great Britain and Ireland. Our list of stockists may help you but it isn’t complete as the number is growing continually.  Other retailers, caterers and hoteliers are very welcome to contact us for details of suppliers.

01952 813767

Online sales

Our nutroasts are currently available online from and arrive frozen.

Phone: 01242 572 323

UK mainland orders which total £ 35.00 or more and are received on line will be delivered free of charge.

Orders which do not reach the above values will attract a charge of £7.50. See the Natural Grocery website for more details.

You don't have to just order nutroasts; their catalogue is very extensive.  On 6th December 2017 a customer emailed us to say:

"Thanks so much for telling me about What a wonderful website!


We’re very pleased to announce that distribution in Ireland is being handled by Independent Irish Health Foods Limited. So far they’ve supplied over thirty stores, which are listed on our Stockists page.


Recent developments!

In 2015 .....

..... we were delighted to be awarded a Great Taste Award for our Luxury Nutroast.


Also in 2015, two new gourmet Thank Goodness dishes became available in shops in Ireland and in Great Britain.   They are:


They're not only hearty and healthy but they’re also every bit as delicious as traditional carnivorous versions.

A warning about the pâté - it's sweet! Don't expect it to taste like meat. (It's especially yummy as a stuffing for Portobello mushrooms.)

The chilli seems hot enough for everyone but not too hot for anyone, which is a bit of a miracle.  Why not try the ultra-convenient option of simply using it as a topping for a baked potato? 

In 2016 -  Double delight as the Vegetarian Society recommends two of our

creations in its "Savoury Six" list for Christmas.

In October 2016 the Vegetarian Society arranged tastings of Veg Soc Approved products that might have seasonal appeal.  The panel chose six for special praise, including our Vegan Nutroast, saying "This has the look of a classic nut roast.” “A lovely taste, has a smooth texture with a hidden crunch.” “Nut lovers unite!”

But we were also delighted to see that Suma's Gluten-free Nut Roast mixture was reviewed very positively, too, as the recipe was developed by us at Suma's request.  The panel said "A great colour with a herby, crunchy taste.” “It’s festive and spicy.” “Nice and nutty.”

More praise for Thank Goodness

..."Your nutroasts really are the nicest ever and I do know what I'm saying. I've had to eat my way politely through plenty of dry and flavourless ones over the years! My omnivorous friends love them too, with an onion and wine gravy.
Thank you!"
- Charlie Willcox, via email

..."Thank goodness for Thank Goodness!" - Mrs. R. Slater of Stonehaven, by post

..."Absolutely delicious. I would have no hesitation in recommending all of the nut roasts." - Carolyn Moir, online

..."Really like them (even my husband – a confirmed meat-eater!)" - Barbara Lloyd-Davies, online

And Finally...

 Many thanks to the ever-dependable Fergus Leen and the extremely patient Emer Dwane for building our website for us. (As well as offering all sorts of design services Emer also runs a great website called Everyday Vegetarian Recipes.)